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4922 Ziese Products Inc. is committed to quality. We have always taken great pride in meeting customer requirements regarding strict adherence to stated print tolerances but it doesn’t stop there. The quality department is equipped with state of the art inspection equipment including a full scanning automatic Zeiss Duramax CMM, an automatic Tesa Recorder R CMM and Brown & Sharpe Gage 2000 CMM. All quality assurance equipment is kept in top working condition and is calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in accordance with our quality assurance manual. We maintain the highest level of quality with all of our customers.

4721 A key part of our quality control program is our job traveler. The traveler is a packet of documents that is printed out for each product that is produced in our facility. The traveler will contain important routing information which describes each procedure used to produce the part, a current print, and a quality control report. Each of our operators and our quality control assistant are required to periodically fill out a quality control report which documents each dimension on the print. Once a job is complete these travelers are filed in a separate filing cabinet. This ensures maximum quality assurance and traceability for our customers.


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